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“Magnolia” by David Foster

The promise of bringing compassion back into the center of global health discourse speaks to many.  We have been blessed to engage with dozens of talented and enthusiastic people in the fields of both compassion and global health.  Several have agreed to be part of our Advisory Council.  They are among a host of friends and colleagues who wish to see this program flourish.  It is an honor to receive their wisdom and guidance in this pioneering work.

Dr. Oladele Akogun, PhD

Every year I ask my students on their first day of class in Society and Health:  “Why is it that traditional health practice refuses to die off despite so many years of modern science-based medicine?” One year I received the most thoughtful answer: “Compassion is out of stock in the modern pharmacy shop.”  Thanks for trying to place an order.

Dr. Abhay Bang, M.D., M.P.H

Compassion for populations requires a certain capacity for abstraction, for seeing the faces in the numbers. This is enhanced by spiritual practice, which enables one to feel deeply connected to all of humanity.

Dr. Stephen Blount, M.D., M.P.H

Dr. Sarla Chand, PhD, MS, MSc