New Book – Breathing Light

//New Book – Breathing Light

Julie Hliboki’s latest book, Breathing Light: Accompanying Loss and Grief with Love and Gratitude, is now available online.

Breathing-Light-cover-low-resBreathing Light is written for everyone who has experienced loss or grief, especially the loss of a loved one. The book takes you on an inspirational journey, beginning with Hliboki’s poems and prose that convey how love, gratitude, and compassion arise over and over again in the midst of suffering.  Bill Foege, MD, MPH, writes:

Two thoughts recurred as I read Julie Hliboki’s new book, Breathing Light. First, science has promised and delivered extraordinary improvements in health in the past century. It has taught far less on how to deal with death. Hliboki shares her experiences in easing the transition. Second, I once asked Dame Cicely Saunders, founder of St. Christopher’s Hospice in 1967, the beginning of a worldwide movement, “What is the most important thing I should tell my family?” Her reply was, “Tell them they do not need to be with you when you die, but you do want closure with them in advance.” Hliboki provides lessons on reaching closure.

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