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The Interfaith Health Program (IHP) at Emory University believes that religion is a significant social force that affects health beliefs, behaviors, practices, and policies.  Sometimes religion aligns with public health programs and sometimes it is tension.  Our work endeavors to identify the effects of religion on the social-structural factors that contribute to health disparities and poor health outcomes for some communities.  Using that knowledge, we then seek to create or strengthen partnerships faith-based and public health programs by identifying shared commitments and priorities across the two fields.

Established to actively promote the health and well-being of individuals and communities who face health disparities, the IHP brings together a diverse community of scholars and public health practitioners to assure access to health programs and services.

Through alliances with national and global partners, IHP facilitates collaboration, provides training, builds networks, conducts research, and implements programs that improve the health and wellness of communities around the world.  IHP’s work is rooted in respect for diverse religious beliefs and practices, justice, and human rights for all people.